Equipment Minutia – Catchers – 19th century

Sept. 24, 1883. Roxburgh, of the Leadvilles, catches without a mask. How long will he continue it probably depends upon the number of fouls he is called on to catch. One of the audience remarked recently it reminded him of the engineer’s opinion of the Indian who attempted to stop a train by standing on […]

Larry Bowa breaks 122 year old rule and probably a few blood vessels too.

Somewhere these two men are smiling “One of the dumbest ejections I’ve ever had,” Ed Montague, a 31-year veteran whose report to the Commissioner’s Office will also include how Bowa, in full tantrum mode Tuesday night, repeatedly bumped manager Joe Torre into the umpire during the ensuing meltdown. Larry Bowa… a man born a century […]

Have the Reds ever had pitching? 1960-1966 – The Hutchinson/DeWitt Years

“You know how much stuff he had? He had a nickel curve, a nickel fast ball, a purpose pitch and a million dollars worth of heart, that’s what he had.” Gene Mauch On Fred Hutchinson. Do you know your team? Do you know the patterns that they drag you through, the whims that the men […]