Giant’s win the Pennant and “I feel good”

When I first discovered baseball, I realized my grandmother was a Mets fan (she lived in the Hudson Valley) not a Yankee fan… that was fine with me, for I was a Tiger fan early on and then a Reds fan when my family relocated to Cincinnati. My earliest memory of the Giants was Willie Mays (not only there)… however me and the Giants had a future, and I didn’t even know it back in the 70’s .

I moved to the Bay Area in 1982, Joe Morgan ruined the Dodgers that year and I found that as a NL fan I would have to listen to the Giants feed, not the A’s if I wanted to hear about the Reds. I listened to a LOT of Giants baseball for 20 years, I went through the Chris Brown years, the Humm Baby years, the year they won 103 games and stayed home, the big headed Bonds years…in short I was almost a Giants fan bu association, I just didn’t have any emotion investment in their winning or losing… then I moved to the Portland area, and once I moved here I noticed a good portion of older fans who followed the Giants, they were the team before the Mariners came, before the Pilots they even used to have a delayed feed of the games on AM until a few years ago… I couldn’t get away from them.

In short they are a big part of my baseball life, and that’s not even touching on the fact that I also learned from Grandma that Giants catcher Wes Westrum lived on my dads street in Poughkeepsie in 1951, and back then she was a Giant’s fan… not a Dodger fan, not a Yankee fan… a Giants fan.

So congrats to the Giants fans, 4 WS in 52 years is the pits, the town will party tonight.

And it’s a good party town.

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