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Cincinnati Reds a winning season!

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Tonight a wondrous thing happened, after a decade of stink the Reds have achieved a .500 record. While this seems like a nominal task, one that doesn’t deserve praise I’ll counter that the moment is indeed monumental, indeed wondrous. The Reds last finish with an above .500 record was in the year 2000, Bill Clinton was President and no one knew who Snookie was.

This run of sub .500 records is the teams 2nd worst, falling only behind the stench that was emitted from the 1945-1955 teams who couldn’t crest that .500 wave.

I have what I call a visual look at the final standings in MLB history, it has a base of ABOVE .500 and BELOW .500. Each is represented by a color, white for sub. 500 and green for above .500. If a team gets in the playoffs they are marked maroon, if a team gets in the World series they are marked red.

This particular chart only covers the era of divisional play an era that (for the Reds) started out with a BANG and until this year was laid out like a world leader at a viewing, stiff, unexciting, grim and morose.
Finally a green (or maroon/red) will stop the sea of white and in that moment of joy all I can say is that I’m glad I’m not a Pirates fan.