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Crosley Field

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

All teams are defined by the park they play in, all teamsĀ  are a slave to the features it has or once had. The Reds were a team that went through many changes because of their park, they were a team that at times were clearly defined by their park, they were a team that changed with the game because of their park.

Our job here is to understand how those changes shape our perceptions about the game and .

And so we start with the park layout and what they call Park Factor, a baseball statistic that indicates the difference between runs scored in a team’s home and road games. Most commonly used as a metric in the sabermetric community, it has found more general usage in recent years. It is helpful in assessing how much a specific ballpark contributes to the offensive production of a team or player.

To understand it in a better light we’ll look at Crosley Field and all the different faces it had over the years.

Below is an image that shows the 5 flavors of Redland/Crosley field between 1912-1968, hopefully it will bring some facets of the game up to the surface.