Marathon Men – The 2000+ Gamer

All ballplayers should quit when it starts to feel as if all the baselines run uphill.

Babe Ruth 

Picking through the remains of a horrible season for Reds fans we try and find something to cling to other than hope for the future, looking back tends to be a Reds fan friend, this season this Reds fan was rendered speechless as well as awash in apathy regarding the franchise, future and the past. This feeling coupled with a heavy work schedule and more time spent on the computer than most humans should be allowed has stymied my need to ponder and explore every aspect of the game, the team and the history of both.

That said I have the itch to exercise my sleeping baseball curiosity and perform an exercise in exploring the game and its past, it’s in hope of finding the muse, and finding out more about the mundane, the moronic, the minutia of the game.

Last week Garret Anderson of the Angels played in his 2000th game as an Angel, incidentally all his games have been with the Angels, earlier this season Chipper Jones, the long time Brave achieved the 2000 game plateau as well.

2000 games is a LOT of games in major league baseball, based on a 154 games it is 13 season worth of games, 12.1 for 162. That’s a LOT of baseball, and when you throw that up in the air and all the names and facts fall out it makes me get all Rainmain like Hoffman and that box of matches. Thus we’ll start with the facts and we’ll see what we can squeeze out of a list that displays players with 2000 games played.

On to the list.

212 players have played at least 2000 games in MLB this is a a short breakdown of the list:

4% have played 3000 games
8% played between 2750-3000 games
11% played between 2500-2750 games
28% played between 2250-2500 games
49% played between 2000-2250

9% played ALL their games with one team
19% played at least 2000 of their games with 1 team

At the top of the list is Pete Rose with 3562 at the bottom is Ellis Burks with 2000, sidenote: Tommy Davis ended up with 1999 games played with no games left in the season in 1976. 14 players played between 1900-2000 games, falling one season of play from the milestone.

Of the 8 players with 3000 game splayed three did it with one team, Carl Yastrzemski, Stan Musial and Cal Ripken, Rickey Henderson played with 7 teams to get to his total (3081) including 4 different appearances with Oakland.

The First

Cap Anson was the first to get to 2000 games played, Bid McPhee the second. By 1910 the players who had reached 2000 games are as listed below, hardly household names in the history of the game.

GAMES                            G
1    Bill Dahlen                2442
2    Jake Beckley               2386
3    George Davis               2368
4    Cap Anson                  2276
5    Lave Cross                 2275
6    Tommy Corcoran             2200
7    Bid McPhee                 2135
8    Willie Keeler              2123
9    Fred Clarke                2120
10   Jesse Burkett              2067
11   Bobby Wallace              2014
12   Jimmy Ryan                 2012

Each man has story, each list a tale as well. 2000 games is not something that you can just sniff your nose at, it’s not all OPS (Royce Clayton has over 2000 games played) it’s a combination of skills and other items we could spend a lifetime looking at(free agent rules, talent, franchise needs, etc) but let’s make sure we all realize that 2000 games played is IMPRESSIVE.

Prior to this season 4982 players who weren’t pitchers took the field in MLB history.* 4.2% of them played in 2000 games, and only 9 of those men were in the game for more that 3000 games, and only TWO of them played all those games with one team, we’ll kick that around next and we’ll also take a look at what teams had multiple 200K men and what teams didn’t and maybe try and figure out why.

2000 games?

Who cares?

Sure there are games being played still and we could crunch those numbers with every other baseball blog that is out there, but that’s being done so well everywhere else… here (at least for awhile) we’ll be sifting thorough the marathon players the game has spit out over the years, maybe we’ll find out something we didn’t know, or something we can impress our wife with on one of those long drives in the future.

*13 pitchers have compiled 1000 games played, with Jesse Orosco holding that record still.

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