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Finally… Spring Training.

Sunday, February 17th, 2008

The daffodils are popping up through the mossy ground outside my rain soaked patio. It’s rained so much this winter that the concrete out there has a slight green hue, one that is more rooted in water as its creator the other green in the yard, but make no mistake it is green out there and green and mid February means one thing, spring and spring means three things for me, one is playoff hockey, two is less rain and three is of course the beginning of baseball…. and with that comes so much more. Games to watch, players to follow, teams to surprise, disappoint and then there’s fantasy ball, Strat-to-matic, box scores and coffee, box scores and beer, west coast games, east coast games, Patriots day game at the dawn of crack on the left coast. There’s a bevy of things to ponder, the Rays, not the Devils Rays, the Nationals new park, all sorts of stuff that is not steroid related…. So if you’re looking for that try Google, they’re good at that sort of thing. (more…)