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The Good – The Bad and the Ugly – Defense

Thursday, May 31st, 2007

Derek Dickey stops by with his second article on the Reds this month.


Picking at the Bones – The Memorial Day Blues for the Reds

Tuesday, May 29th, 2007

The Reds ended their home stand and exited Memorial Day with a .365 winning percentage. As they head to Houston and then on to Colorado this will only be the 15th time in the last 100 years that on Memorial Day (or as I dated it 5-28 for continuity) the Reds have had a sub .400 winning percentage. 15% of the time they were about to enter June and the final 4 months of the season with a slim chance already chopped up even smaller by a losing record, only once in those times did the Reds end up with a winning percentage of at least .490.

Results such as the aforementioned cause people (in this case “fans”) to exercise their voices, in the case of the 2007 Reds many are calling for the head of the architects of the team, that being Wayne Krivsky (GM for 213 games and one off season) and Jerry Narron, the stoic manager who stands at the helm of the club as the poundings take place nightly, he too arrived a short while ago (2005) and was recently awarded a contract extension.

So here we sit, adrift under 20 wins and with the worst record in the National League, the only team beneath .400 in the winning percentage column. Thank gawd for the Rangers and Devil Rays, without them the Reds would be the Browns, the Senators, the Bee’s, something that well ain’t what most bargained for when the season began.

When looking back at the prior times that this franchise was in the same boat we’d find a major hunk of the incidents prior to the expansion era (13 of the 15 to be exact)there are two sets of date ranges that encompass the only two eras that the Reds stunk worse then they have in the recent years of their existence. Between 1927 and 1931 only the 1928 team didn’t sink below a .400 winning percentage once the calendar turned to the June portion. This run added to the three prior times that the Reds had achieved the dubious feat during the Garry Herrmann era, (1907, 1913, 1921)

The game has evolved, all these eras have reasons why certain franchises floundered while others surged, instead of exploring this sort of aspect I’m finding that what interests me the most is the last seven times that the Reds have entered June with a sub .400 winning percentage. Gazing hard at the seasons we’ll see that each has a unique story attached to that particular campaign, and it’s these rich little moments that most often get washed away in the history of the franchise, a little digging around helps find patterns and threads of yesterday and today, looking at these incidents we can see that some threads from the past look familiar and similar to the current teams plight.

We have already mentioned the 1931 team and the ones prior to their disappointing season, instead we are going to look at the last seven times the Reds left the Memorial Day weekend below .400 in winning percentage.