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Ads from the past

Friday, April 13th, 2007

The game has always been tracked in the press, from the New York Clipper to Baseball Magazine, and The Sporting News.

Also tagging along with the history of the game is the history of American culture, which is usually presented in small and large advertisements. Because these speak so much to our past I’m going to throw a few up now and then for laughs, giggles and reflection, some involve the game and some not so much. We’ll see stars pitching products and we’ll see how far we’ve come in some aspects… like the first one we’ll throw up from 1939.

I wonder what Will Carroll would say about this?


Todays Dead Ball Player – Barry McCormick

Wednesday, April 11th, 2007

To this day Barry McCormick is somewhat of a baseball enigma, raised on the East End of Cincinnati, near where the American Associations Kelly’s Killer’s played he was first brought to the attention of local star Buck Ewing, who also lived in the “Pendleton” area of the east side, this area was not officially named Pendleton, but was mistakenly referred to that do to the farmer who originally owned the surrounding land. Ewing declared Barry has one of the promising finds of 1895 and later that decade he became known as the supreme glove man on the “Colts” as they were called then, Barry also had the pleasure of participating in two triple plays as ML player and he also could claim to having played in the game that a team scored the most runs in MLB history. On June 29, 1897, he went 6-for-8, including a triple and a home run, and scored five times as Chicago destroyed Louisville, 36-7. The 36 runs remain the most ever scored in a game by a major league team.