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Crazy Times – Crazy Contracts

Monday, November 27th, 2006

I’m not saying we could save you. But we could put you in a place where you could save yourself.

The Hold Steady

Following the first prolonged in season work stoppage in 1981 the off-season was highlighted by a plethora of signings that shook the baseball world, these include Reggie Jackson and George Foster signing with the Angels and the Mets. Throughout the game mumblings of dismay were heard from executives.

“The ever-increasing salaries are like lava coming down a mountain at us, It’s the worst salary explosion we’ve had. At some point things have to blow apart.”

Dick Wagner

I see an instinct for constraint(amongst the owners) but, we seem incapable of executing it.

A’s owner Roy Eisenhardt


More Monday Minutia

Monday, November 20th, 2006

Most off-seasons are spent fixing holes in the roster, in the Reds case as mentioned earlier in the year one of the holes that would be addressed this off season would be the shortstop position, currently rumor has it that the “Bad” Alex Gonzalez was inking a contract with the Reds, perhaps it’s true and the Reds will have a world class glove at SS again (plus an on base challenged SS who has some pop… very Leo Cardenes!!)

If all this does come to rest, we’ll have to revisit it.

One thing’s for certain if Hatteberg gets 1.5 million, Gonzalez receives 4.4 million and Phillips and EE receive 2 million together that’s one cheap starting infield. Leaving cash for a RH corner OF or 1b.

Never the less, the off-season also lends folks to try and find any bit of information on the game. Back before digital information and the wonders of instant gratification in the sports world folks used to scour the press and baseball heavy publications like The Sporting News. In honor of those days we’ll throw a couple against the wall and see if they stick.

Let’s kick it off with the worries of the Reds outfield in the winter of 1897, and who the boys should keep.